With every click, you’re creating data. It’s time to know what you’ve got. Your pharmacy management system is constantly compiling pieces of a picture about your pharmacy’s business health. What if just a few clicks more could bring the pieces together? Mevesi is all about giving you a full, clear picture that points the way toward improvement.

Designed for pharmacies, Mevesi business intelligence software helps you:

  • Unify all your pharmacy data into an easy-to-understand view
  • Identify anything that could be hurting your operations – and the adjustments that could boost them
  • Turn your existing wealth of data into information you can do something with


With a Unified Data Warehouse, you can make important data-driven business decisions that increase your revenue, improve productivity, and enhance customers’ experiences.



Streamline patient management workflow to improve health outcomes. Automate processes, track clinical information, and improve medication adherence.

About Mevesi

Mevesi, Inc. is the superior analytics tool for community and institutional pharmacy. Designed for pharmacists’ needs, Mevesi unifies prescription, point-of-sale, claims, inventory, and other data into one view, transforming data into decisions. Our goal is to provide you with sophisticated but simply accessed insights into your business – because we know the pharmacy’s data is always growing, pharmacists’ time is valuable, and their business health is good for us all. Mevesi is part of RedSail Technologies™, LLC.