Mevesi Announces Launch of Mevesi 3.0 Unified Data WarehouseSolution for pharmacies

New affordable software solution enables pharmacies to quickly and accurately analyze large volumes of data to increase productivity and improve customer experience.

Mevesi Inc


Orlando, FL, July 25, 2013 - Mevesi Inc., the leading business intelligence service provider for pharmacies in the United States has launched Mevesi 3.0 the Unified Data Warehouse Solution. This affordable, powerful and flexible business software provides insight to pharmacies faster and easier than ever before, enabling pharmacies to make more accurate business decisions by providing an integrated data solution for pharmacies.

Mevesi 3.0 Unified Data Warehouse addresses a wide range of pharmacy pain points that aren’t easily solved by
traditional pharmacy, Point of Sale and Accounting systems. By integrating a variety of data into one solution,
pharmacies can use the Mevesi 3.0 Unified Data Warehouse Solution to identify, isolate root cause of pharmacy pain
points and corrective actions to address them in a timely and economical manner.

The Mevesi Framework was designed to evolve with the ever changing needs of the pharmacy industry and with
Mevesi 3.0 Unified Data Warehouse Solution Integrates key data from Pharmacy, Point of Sale and Financial systems
providing pharmacies immediate visibility to improve customer experience, increase profits, increase productivity and
manage cost. Mevesi Unified Data Warehouse provides the ability to rapidly and painlessly analyze large volumes of
traditional and new data sources enabling pharmacies to identify and capitalize on new opportunities and better
meet customer expectations through the value of integrated data.

The key benefit, however, is that the Mevesi 3.0 Unified Data Warehouse opens up new opportunities for data
visibility, flexibility and savings to the pharmacy. “It allows pharmacies to perform complex data analysis that you
couldn’t do before. Now it can be done in real time at an amazing speed.” Omar Sosa, CEO Mevesi, Inc. says. “More
data is better, right? Yes—provided pharmacies have the skill sets and platforms to capture, analyze and standardize
that data and we provide pharmacies a solution that has flexibility and visibility to see the big picture. ”

Among the new solution's highlights are:

  • Enhanced system architecture which increased system performance
  • Added Adherence module which includes real time Non-Compliance and Prescription Synchronization monitoring.
  • Assessment capabilities that provide pharmacies with the abilities to collect any type of data.
  • Integrates both pharmacy and Point of Sale Data to accurately understand consumer behavior and cross sale opportunities.
  • Provides access to financial data with the ability to categorize chart of accounts for further analysis by different cost segments i.e. labor, non-labor, pharmacy and non-pharmacy.
  • Mevesi Community was launched as an interactive forum where Mevesi users can exchange ideas, views, and best practices and get helpful feedback from other fellow colleagues. This enhanced version of the popular Mevesi Business Intelligence Solution with its easy to use dashboards, scorecards and analysis make it possible to begin using the Mevesi 3.0 solution within hours and develop personalized analysis quite easily about your pharmacy while enabling pharmacies to progress from competing in their market to leading it. For additional information, please visit the company's website at: To request a private demonstration for any Mevesi product, go to Contact: John Kutcher, Manager, Corporate Relations Mevesi Inc.,