Partnership Announcement Letter – Mobile MedSoft

December 27, 2012
Dear Valued Mobile MedSoft Customer:

We are pleased to announce Mevesi, Inc. is partnering with Mobile MedSoft to support our efforts to
optimize our customers’ results in 2013. The Mobile MedSoft organization strives daily to improve
both the quality and variety of our products and services that we provide. Our support of Mevesi is
another example of our commitment to help improve the quality of performance in the pharmacies we

Mevesi is the leading business intelligence service provider for independent, small, chain, and
specialty pharmacies. Mevesi turns data into a powerful asset that provides pharmacy owners and
managers with the ability to make data decisions every day.

For additional information, please visit To request a private demonstration of any
Mevesi product, call 1-800-372-1560 ext.108


Duke Yetter
CEO of Mobile MedSoft, Inc.