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Proud to be leading the way in data automation, Mevesi provides high level service to ambulatory pharmacies. With the release of star rating assistance for increasing portions of days covered (Patient Compliance) and easy identification of GAP therapy issues such as diabetic and BEERS.

Mevesi’s intuitive financials and custom reporting allow the hospital to quickly and or automatically share relevant financial information with other appropriate departments. Utilizing proven practices, the hospital can provide better patient care and customer service, which can lead to lower overall cost of care for your patients.


    Discharged patients will receive additional support, like counseling with their medication treatment

    Follow up with your patient via email, text, fax, or phone call to help emphasize the importance of adhering to their medication.

    Increase revenue and the quality of care through patient adherence by using tools provided to ensure compliance

    Reduce hospital readmission as you increase the communication to patients to ensure they are properly adhering to their medications. 

    Powerful data visualization will allow for quick understandability so you can provide your patient with prompt and perfect care.