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Mevesi, the leader in data automation for larger pharmacy groups, provides affordable, powerful, and flexible business software that gives you insight to your pharmacy’s critical data faster and easier than ever before. Mevesi creates a single platform for viewing critical data if the organization utilizes multiple management systems. As a retail chain pharmacy owner your goal should be to provide your pharmacists with the necessary tools so they can save time, increase productivity, and provide high-level care for patients.

With Mevesi, you can monitor patient adherence with non-compliance reports, patient synchronization, and therapy gap management. If monitoring patient adherence wasn’t enough, Mevesi provides you with a detailed look into your financials with reports such as Low U&C, and tools that will enhance patient communication such as high co-pay reports. With our easy to use system, you are sure to increase not only patient compliance and internal efficiency, but maintain patient compliance as well, which ultimately results in a higher script count!


    Monitor financial data to ensure the well-being of your pharmacy by cutting costs, reducing unnecessary inventory, and increasing opportunities to gain revenue.

    Ensure patient adherence by managing prescription re-fills and pickups.

    Integrates with prescription data and capable to receive and send secure electronic messages.

    Useful dashboards, reports, and scorecards will allow you to analyze the financial trends of your pharmacies.

    Compare different stores to investigate which store is performing best related to others.