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Leading the industry in data automation, Mevesi’s data and population management solutions are designed to assist in the management of long-term care facilities and individual patients alike. The demands of a long-term care pharmacy business are different—both challenging and volatile. Without the proper business intelligence solutions, you will lack the functionality to perform daily activities, operating your long-term care pharmacy can be a very daunting task. Whether you seek to track the volume of a specific nursing facility over a date range, or you wish to understand the payer mix at one facility versus another, we have you covered.

Mevesi’s advance filtering capability can help you track volume, revenues, utilization, and adherence by facility or home. Also, you can utilize the automated messaging capabilities with our Population Management Solution to reach out to nursing home on a regular basis to identify if any changes need to be made to patient medications.


    Assessments provide actionable results that will allow you to better tend to the health of your patients.

    Monitor your patient’s reaction to medications; analyzing if a medication should continue to be prescribed or if it should be changed.

    Keep your patient informed with patient education articles that will provide information about medications and conditions.

    Assessing drug information that can influence drug procedures or secondary conditions that the patient suffers.

    Patient profiles trigger a call to action as they provide the next steps that need to be taken with a patient.