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As the leader in data automation for pharmacies, Mevesi provides state-of-the-art tools and resources for specialty pharmacies to assist them as the market is growing more rapidly than ever before. This requires more pharmacists to innovate and determine new approaches towards managing specialty drugs and patient care.

With the Mevesi solutions you can implement clinical assessments, capture ancillary data points, and manage the continuum of care of a specialty patient. With the growing role of specialty pharmacists, it requires innovation and a new approach to managing special drugs. Mevesi will help you target key products and streamline operations to optimize productivity and reduce expenses and increase revenue.


    Complete understanding of the patient's overall health and pharmacy needs and providing increased opportunities for patient support and physician counseling.

    Clinical intervention programs that monitor prescriptions for potential drug interactions are standard practice within the pharmacy benefit.

    Integrated approach to coverage and utilization management reducing the cost of specialty medications.

    Having an integrated system that monitors, adjudicates, and prices specialty drugs consistently across both major medical and pharmacy benefits. 

    Provides important clinical patient support services while helping to control health plan costs.