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A Patient Management Solution for Specialty Pharmacy & High Performance Pharmacy.


Pharmacy Edge has a bi-directional interface with your pharmacy system providing your pharmacy ability to enhance your workflow with unapparelled control. Mevesi Workflow Management capabilities provides a pharmacy ability to configure your workflow, queues, call scripts based on your pharmacy business process.


Pharmacy Edge provides clinical guidelines for top specialty diseases supported by URAC accredited disease, drugs, and quality of life content. Which coupled with our clinical engine pharmacies will have automated Assessments allow you to follow a workflow that is most suitable to each of your varying patients. With automated follow up, ensuring all patients are provided extraordinary health care services.


The Pharmacy Edge solution enhances patient engagement by providing the pharmacist with integrated capabilities to email, text and use the Mevesi secure messaging where patients, pharmacist and other providers can collaborate to enhance patient care. Also, when needed are On Demand and Automated messaging and patient can choose their preferred method of communication. You will be able to evaluate how effective you are communicating information to the patient, and change direction accordingly.


With the Pharmacy Edge solution, provide access to physicians a robust portal to which provides them and their staff with Mevesi Secure Messaging which pharmacists and physicians can engage with one another to ensure medication compliance, updates on Prescription dispensing status, clinical assessment status and prior authorization status.


Pharmacy Edge provides you access to Prescription, Workflow, Clinical, Phone Data, supported with templated data files and reports all in one data warehouse. This will allow you to improve your reporting to URAC, Payers and Specialty Pharmaceutical Manufacturers. Easy to use tools will allow you to select, filter, compare, visualize, and analyze your business data. Providing you with the ability to improve productivity, and enhance customer experience.


    Specialty Disease Management integrated with disease, quality of life and drug education content, videos, and transcripts. 

    Comprehensive solution encompassing dynamic multidimensional reporting and analytics required for reporting to URAC, Payers and Manufacturers. 

    Most Advanced Workflow and Intervention Engine for Specialty Pharmacy  

    Simplifies continuum of Care with patient web and mobile applications integrated with Physician portal. 

    Integrated data sources from prescription, workflow, clinical and call center to instantly analyze any aspect of your business in real-time, with just one system


    Bi- Directional interface with your pharmacy system to manage specialty workflow 

    Implement standard workflow to meet payer, manufacturer and URAC requirements.  

    Defined standard clinical guidelines by Disease and Patients. 

    Easily monitor trends and discover anomalies in your specialty workflow to reduce cost, and maximize productivity. 

    Improve Patient and Physician engagement during the patient’s continuum of care