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Health Systems can expand your reach to community by leveraging integrated neighborhood pharmacies to enhance health care outcomes in the community.

Mevesi Transitional Care provides health care systems with over 40,000 integrated pharmacies to send clinical referrals with predefined clinical guidelines. Healthcare Systems gain the capability to communicate clinical data to all pharmacies in their community, without integrating with different pharmacy systems. Mevesi is integrated with over 20 pharmacy management systems, ensuring you are addressing the needs of your community.


A leading cause of hospital readmissions is medication use. Leverage your community pharmacist to ensure your patients are adhering to their medications is imperative to your Hospital as readmissions effect your business’s bottom line. Mevesi Transitional Care can simplify how your hospital communicates with pharmacist and patients to reduce and avoid readmission.


Increase your outreach in the community and leverage healthcare providers that patients already trust in their continuum of care. Mevesi Transitional Care is an integrated clinical interface designed for Healthcare Systems to exchange clinical data with pharmacies. Hospitals and local pharmacies are given the opportunity to connect through Mevesi Solutions, providing a better healthcare experience for your community.


This will provide the hospital the ability for patients to engage with their trusted healthcare provider creating a seamless experience. The pharmacy already has their health data, allowing the patient to be cared for in a timely fashion.


    Providing hospitals one system to manage all Transitional Care Referrals with pharmacies.

    Simplify configuration of clinical guidelines for referral programs i.e. at risk patients, wellness programs and others...

    Real Time integration with Mevesi Population Management and Pharmacy Edge Solution for pharmacies. 

    Integrates with prescription data and Outpatient Assessment Data for.  

    Includes Secure Message Center for patients, physicians and pharmacist. 


    Enhance hospital network with trusted healthcare providers in the community and reduce impact of at risk patients.

    Identify patients preferred Pharmacist to participate in their continuum of care.  

    Easily monitor trends and discover anomalies in Transitional Care Programs.

    Simple integration with your community pharmacy, regardless of the pharmacy system. 

    Designed for Healthcare Systems to exchange clinical data with pharmacies.